Apple One Apple Music not Working | Practical Solutions 2023

Apple One Apple Music not Working

Apple One Apple Music not Working

Apple One Apple Music not Working, Apple Music is an on-demand paid music and video streaming subscription developed by Apple that offers users access to existing playlists. However, our customers complained a lot that with such frequent outages, their Apple Music doesn’t work, thus causing much agony for them.

In general, there are some common things that can make Apple Music stop functioning as intended like, you find a song that refuses to play through your device, family sharing does not function, a person’s replay has problems or lyrics are not possible. In today’s post, I am going to display some useful approaches towards fixing “why is my Apple One Apple Music not Working in ios 17” and its solutions. So lets start Apple One Apple Music not Working article.

Part 1: How to Fix “Apple Music not working” on iOS 17.

Apple One Apple Music not Working

1. To determine if you are capable of playing other tracks when there is no song being played in AppleMusic, try first checking if you can play other songs from your library. Yes? Then you could try to download the song once again and see whether it helps in repairing or fixing the problem. In addition, it is also important for you to know that Apple music only plays files with MPEG-4 AAC format. Try it if none of them works and keep reading for further advice.

2. Active Apple Music Subscription – If you are a subscriber, check if your account is still active. You can check the subscription from iPhone by following these steps: Go to tap settings, your name, iTunes and App store for your Apple ID, subscriptions. Ensure that there is an active Apple Music Membership subscription.

Should you have an activated Apple music plan, however, your family plan does not operate, skip this step.

3. Make sure that “Sync Library” and “Show Apple Music” are available on your device.Tap Settings > Music. Ensure that “Sync Library” and “Show Apple Music” options are checked. Disable them both and then enable them again if they were turned on already.

Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

4. If this does not solve the problem of inaccessibility of Apple music try enabling the feature called iCloud Music Library on your device. To do this, follow these steps: Tap Settings > Music. Go to settings and turn on the option for iCloud Music Library. Turn it off if an enabled option, re-enable them.

5. Provide adequate connection for Apple music to work properly on your device. You could switch to cellular data if you are on wifi or to wifi in case you are on cellular data. Turn on cellular data use for the Music app in case your iPhone is relying on cellular data and not Apple music. Following these steps: Go to Settings > Cellular > under the Cellular Data heading and make sure music is enabled.

6. Exit Your account Apple music and log back in.

For Mac users: Shutdown the laptop and switch it on again; tap store, sign out, apple menu, system preferences. To sign back into your AppleID account, click “Sign In

For iPhone users: Tap Settings > Your name. Scroll down to sign out at Menu’s end. Give another moment and log in again on your Apple ID account.

Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

7. It could be that the application of Apple music is corrupted or is outdated hence need to reinstall.

8. If you were using Apple music on a browser, the cache may accumulate large amounts of data which makes your applications slow. For instance, let us consider Safari. Here are the steps: Open Settings > Safari. Next, click on the “Clear history and website data” button.

9. In addition to this, consider rebooting your device since it could solve many problems. In case Apple is still on stand-by on your Mac, all you need is switch-off and back-on after about a few minutes. Consider restarting your iPhone or Android as it might fix the problem of your phone.

10. You may have updated to the latest version of the iOS if you find that previous attempts still do not fix your problem – outdated systems often are responsible for non-working status of some programs including Apple Music. To do this on your phone, follow these steps: Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now.

11. In some cases when you use an Apple Music app, your system might experience malfunctions. One of the recommended software is iMyFone Fixppo. With just two or three clicks, you solve the problem and are not at risk of losing all your data. Makeuseof, Macworld, and 9to5mac are just some examples of this sentiment amongst others.

12. However, if all the above mentioned tips fail to address your problem then try contacting Apple Music support directly.

Bonus Tips 1: Apple Music Family Sharing bugs fixed in iOS 17.

Apple One Apple Music not Working

If your Apple Music Family Sharing isn’t working, use these steps to help fix the problem on your device.

1. Before starting with Apple Music Family Sharing, it is very important to ensure that your system’s hardware and software can cope with the application. If your device does not meet these requirements, you can update your OS by following these steps: Go to settings, tap on “software update”. Tap Install if you see any update ready for installation.

2. Another option is to turn off and then on family sharing options, particularly purchase sharing. To do this, go through the following steps: Go to “tap settings”, your name and then turn on family sharing to make sure that it is connected with Apple Music. if it’s switched off switch it back on. First, switch it off, and then turn it back on. To go back, press the Back button found in the upper left corner of the screen. Switch Purchase Sharing (On) and tick Share Purchases with Family. When it is switched off, switch it on. Turn it off and then turn it on again.

3. Double-check that you’re using the correct Apple IDs in case Apple Music Family Sharing still does not work for you. Here are the steps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to settings, then your name, then media and purchases, view account.

Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

Ensure that you have logged in with the same Apple ID for Apple Music Family Sharing. Check for your Apple purchase in the App store >> account page >> info. You need to follow these steps if you logged into the right Apple ID in an iPhone. Go to Settings then tap on the name and select Media & Purchases, choose Sign Out. Tap Media & Purchases for the second time.

After that, click on the phrase “Not [your name]?”. Sign in to your Apple ID for Apple Music Family Sharing. Note For families sharing Apple Music on Mac, click the App Store, menu bar at top > signout, sign in again. Go to Settings, then click on Users & Accounts, then [your name], then Store, select Sign Out and then sign in again for AppleTV users.

4. If Apple Music Family sharing has failed to work on your device, simply delete your family members and then add them up again. To do this, go through the following steps if you are using an iOS device: Go to the menu, tap “Settings,” then “Your Name” under “Family Sharing,” and choose one of the options in your family. However, it may fail if the family member is below thirteen years. Therefore, tap ‘Remove’ > to have them removed from your account. Thereafter, do this with regard to all of your siblings. Then, add back each member to your family by tapping Add Family Member >.

If you are using an Android device, you should instead follow these steps: Click the “More” icon on the apple music application. Select the Tap Account and then select the Manage Family option. Remove from Family -> Tap a family member. This is what you should do for every member of your family. You will have to click on “add family member” on this page. a second time in order to re-include your family on this list and you can solve Apple One Apple Music not Working problem.

Just type in their name/email address and tap Send.

Bonus Tips 2: Apple Music Replay is not working on iOS 17.

Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

This makes replaying Apple Music without working extremely annoying. It also gets spoiled for different reasons. Therefore, the last possible cause could be this function is down if you have followed the usual procedures stipulated above.

If one is not sure if the apple music replay is down? This may have been caused by a problem with their server during upgrading of software.

 For you to receive updates regarding Apple Music, you must be subscribed to it: 

Visit Apple Music or iTunes. Go to Listen now for you. Click on Trial offer. You have options of family, individual, and students’ subscriptions. Log into your Apple ID and the newly generated password. Verify billing information while adding valid payment card details to sign-up. As a confirmed customer, from now on, anytime apple music replay, will have a problem, you shall receive a notice of the same.


Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

Lastly on Apple One Apple Music not Working, that’s about all I got to help you get past iPhone Apple Music Not Working problems. Hopefully, we have resolved this “why is my apple music not working” problem earlier. If you do not wish to rectify this issue manually, then merely consider making use of iMyFone Flippo! It will be as simple as clicking a few buttons and returning the iPhone to its normal functioning state. Thanks for reading Apple One Apple Music not Working article.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to further address common queries related to the Apple One Apple Music not Working:

Apple One Apple Music not Working
Apple One Apple Music not Working

Q1. What is Apple Music?

A1. Apple Music is a paid music and video streaming service subscription, whereby customers can access on demand, pre-existing playlists.

Q2. What is wrong with my Apple music on iOS 17?

A2. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then Many things could be responsible for Apple music failure in iOS 17. These include problems with connectivity on your network, paid subscriptions, wrong settings, or glitches in the computer software installed on your device.  This article seeks to proffer solutions to these problems.

Q3. How do I know if my subscription is still active on Apple music?

A3. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then Tap Settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store > Your Apple ID > Subscriptions to verify your Apple Music subscription. Ensure that your subscriptions include active Apple Music Membership.

Q4. What prevents Apple Music from running songs on my device?

A4. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then The fact that Apple music is not playing songs on your device might be because of some problems with your network, subscription, and/or settings. There are some troubleshooting steps that you could use to solve this issue as highlighted above in this article.

Q5. How do I get Apple Music Family Sharing back on track with iOS 17?

A5. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then Issues with Apple Music in Family sharing can be solved by ensuring that your gadgets are compatible, switching off and on again the Family sharing settings, using the right apple id, and adding the family members again. These are described in detail in this article.

Q6. What is behind Apple’s failure in regards to Apple Music Replay?

A6. Apple One Apple Music not Working then Apple Music Replay might not be functional due to server or maintenance problems. Just make sure you go to Apple music or iTunes to see whether the steps are applicable.

Q7. Is Apple Music Family Sharing compatible with Android devices?

A7. Yes, that is why you can use Apple music even on an Android device. With an android device you are able to create a group Apple music family sharing, download and install Apple Music ,sign in using your Apple ID and invite your families to join your group. This article contains more details.

Q8. How does iMyFone Fix Ppo work?

A8. iMyFone Fixppo is a professional tool that is used in fixing many iOS system issues, e.g., Apple music issues.This utility shows you how to fix iOS problems with no data loss whatsoever. Follow these guidelines to fix Apple music related issues with iMyFone Fix Ppo.

Q9. How do I upgrade or update my iPhone’s operating system?

A9. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then To upgrade your iOS to the latest, visit Settings > General > Software Update and hit “install now”if available so as to keep running smooth applications such as Apple music.

Q10. If one does not solve your Apple music problem, what should you do?

A10. If Apple One Apple Music not Working then you should call Apple Music technical support directly for individualised help. They can also offer more information that will probably help to resolve your issue.

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