Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023

Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023

How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 

How do I Add Google Play to My Phone, Most android devices have the google play store which is full of apps, games and other digital files. On the other hand, not every Android device has the Google Play Store as a default option. This all inclusive guide will take you through the procedure of how to get the Google Play store app onto your android telephone. Regardless of whether you want to reload or do a fresh new installation of the Play Store; rest assured we have you sorted for How do I Add Google Play to My Phone!

Why You Might Need to Download and Install Google Play Store?

Updating to the Latest Version: This means that there are continuous upgrades to it on the Google play store which improves the speed of working and enhances its security. You can upgrade your device if it’s running a lower version in order to enjoy the enhanced or recent functions and changes.

Non-Google Android Devices: You should know that installing the Google Play Store and other crucial Google services comes as a package for devices such as Amazon Fire Tablets which do not support these apps by default.

It is time we now embark on the updating as well as installation of play store.

Updating Google Play Store

How do I Add Google Play to My Phone

Updating the Google Play Store is a straightforward process:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Click on your Profile at the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  4. On the bottom of the screen and then press “About.”
  5. Finally, click on the “Update Play Store” key.

If there is an update available, then your Play Store will automatically be updated, failing which it will confirm whether your already updated play store or not. One should however note that the steps might be slightly different based on the device or kind of software version you are using.

This is an assurance that your device has a new version of Google Play Store because it is updated in the background without necessarily prompting you for How do I Add Google Play to My Phone.

The steps to download Google Play Store

For Android 8.0 Oreo and Later:

How do I Add Google Play to My Phone
  • Check Your Current Version: Go to the Play Store on your device, open your profile picture, click “Settings” and check on the current Play Store version that you are using.
  • Download APKMirror Installer: Download and install APK Mirror Installer from the Google Play Store.
  • Download a Google Play Store APK: Check out APKMirror, one of the best places to download APK files. Ensure the compatible version is installed in your device’s Play Store before you start downloading it.
  • Install the Google Play Store: Select “open/APKMirror installer” followed by selecting “browse files“. Look for the downloaded APK, then click on its icon. Go for the Install package then view an ad (when asked).
  • Deal with Permissions: Permit the APKMirror Installer to install the APK when necessary. Then, return to the app.
  • Finish Installing the Play Store: Google Play Store will be installed by a running installer of your device.

Finally on How do I Add Google Play to My Phone, this completes the install. Also remember that there exists several versions of the Google Play Store created for various devices like Android TV and Wear OS. Ensure that you have downloaded the compatible APK version and make sure that it is installed on the right phone if you experience any problems with the installation.

Alternate Method for Pre-Android 8.0 Oreo:

Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023
Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023

Devices running versions earlier than Android 8.0 Oreo require a slightly different approach:

  • Deal with Permissions: Open the “Settings” menu on your phone and select “Security.” Turn on the “Unknown sources” setting in order to side-load APKs.
  • Figure Out the Version You Need: Locate the current Google Play Store on your handset then tap the “settings” to review the installed one you are using nowadays.
  • Download a Google Play Store APK: Go to APKMirror and look for the correct APK version which should correspond to your Play Store version.
  • Install APKMirror Installer: Download and install APKMirror Installer from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the Google Play Store: Launch APKMirror Installer, tap “Browse Files” & pick your downloaded APK. Install it. However, since you have allowed an installation of apps from unknown sources, it is expected that there would be no problems in the process.

Still Facing Installation Issues?: Afterwards, if the installation is unsuccessful, download any file browser you want. Go to your download folder and see if you can install the APK. Older APKs can be downloaded as a bundle or installed through various approaches; as such, we suggest utilising APKMirror Installer for How do I Add Google Play to My Phone.

How do I Add Google Play to My Phone, if you are running the very old version of the Play Store then you may be able to download them via any file browser on your Android device.


How do I Add Google Play to My Phone
How do I Add Google Play to My Phone

However, it is imperative to have the Google Play Store in your android for various apps and electronic material. This article has given you explicit steps to either upgrade your existing Play Store or install it on a non-google Android device.subsection.subsection Your PlayStore, it is important to keep it updated, in this way you will always be in touch with the new features and safety measures. The download procedure for Non-Google android devices will give you an opportunity to see beyond any limitation. Try out new apps and games from the massive Google Play store about How do I Add Google Play to My Phone.


Here are some “How do I Add Google Play to My Phone” SEO-optimized FAQs related to downloading and installing the Google Play Store:

Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023
Best Guide: How do I Add Google Play to My Phone 2023

1. What does google play store mean to android users?

It is a digital distribution service for android applications and digital media which is offered by google play store. One can download apps such as games, movies, as well as other digital content using it as a primary source. It is critical for Android users because it offers a wide variety of apps, thereby ensuring secure and reliable download sources.

2. When do I update the Google Play store?

Play store releases constant updates to improve the performance, protection, and addition of new features. One should do a periodic check up or let auto-update to be sure of using the most recent one.

3. Is it possible to install the Play store on non-google Android devices?

It is possible to install google play store in a number of non Google android devices including Amazon Fire Tablets. The configuration involves a sequential download of several Google services and other applications. You are advised to refer to a step-by-step guide on various platforms other than Google Android.

4. Can one still download files from sites, say, like APKMirror?

APKMirror is a trusted source but users must be careful there as well.. Make sure you obtain APKs from trusted locations since the latter are accompanied by high risks of getting exposed to security threats. However, it is advisable to use reputable outlets such as APKMirror to avoid possible issues.

5. What should I do when installing Google Play Store fails?

Make sure you have downloaded and are using the authentic APK version of the application in case the whole installation process fails. Be sure to install it in accordance with the detailed guide for your version of Android. In case the issue persists, look for help in online forums and websites devoted to an Android device.

6. If it has any issues, can I revert back to the Google Play version of the first software?

Yes, you can downgrade the Google Play store to the previous versions if there are problems which are associated with updates. Drop one APK and download an older APK from a reliable site. Note that earlier versions may not have been updated with latest features and security updates that were included in the earlier release.

7. How can I protect my Android from sideloading?

It is crucial to obtain APK files only from trusted sources when sideloading them onto an Android devise to maximize security. The user should first check the app permissions before installing any application and only enable the “Unknown sources” setting during the actual use. Keep your OS up-to-date and apply security updates in your gadgets.

8. Why do I need to update my “google play store”?

The recent updates keep the Google play store in tune with the current features, fixes bugs as well as strengthens its security. This helps you find a nice and safe way to use your android with no problem by downloading the apps straight into it.

9. Can I install an app store for old versions of OS, Android?

Although installing the Google Play store is possible for old Android versions, there are difficulties involved, and some compatibility challenges might occur. Consider a change of upgrade for the operating system of your device or try other alternative app sources.

10. Do Android users have options other than the Google Play Store for app downloads?

Yes, there exist other app stores such as Amazon Appstore and others that do this work. They are full of applications and work on all devices that do not run Google Play. Nevertheless, take care and check if the site providing the alternative store is trustworthy.

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