Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023

Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023

How to Add More Devices on Google Play

Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023
Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023

How to Add More Devices on Google Play, If you are an android user, you know very well about google play store where you get your app or games that you would want. In addition, it is not unknown that an individual can enlist several devices into their Google Play account. In this article, l will take you through steps involved in adding a new device while using google play. L’ll show you why it’s important and provide some advice for those with more than one account. Let’s explore the digital realm using Google Play on How to Add More Devices on Google Play.

What is the need for adding a device to google play?

The moment you register yourself on the android device using the google account, your gadget gets connected to the Google play store. This establishes a link with this store, allowing you to install required applications that will be updated automatically when necessary. However, there are several compelling reasons to add a device to Google Play:

Account Linking: Once you register a Google account on a fresh system, it goes along with that system to the play shop. As a result, your new device becomes part of your list of connected devices thereby allowing you to manage and access your content on different devices.

Multi-Account Convenience: Integration of devices with google play enables you to connect additional Google accounts to your existing mobile device such as phone, chromebook, and another gadget. The flexibility allows you to switch between accounts, making it easy for you to select one in which to operate.

Efficient App Installation: Using a Play store will enable you to define a particular device on which any app that is installed is directed according to your google account. This implies that a new game-like example would be displayed across all the devices you have registered with Google Play.

Room for Growth: You can do this at any point in time hence even in case you purchase another phone and an Android tablet, you comfortably integrate them in your Google Play account.

With this knowledge about the advantages, we should now look at how you can add a device to google play.

Steps in Adding a Device to Google Play

There are two simple ways to include the device to Google Play. We’ll walk you through both options:

Method 1: Via Device Settings

  1. Access your device’s Settings.
  2. Click on Manage Accounts option in the Accounts section, Add an Account and then choose Google.
  3. Use Google Mail as credentials for your new device.
  4. Thereafter, you will be required to give in your device’s phone number which you may do so at another time. Then, you will have to accept Google’s terms.
  5. Your new device has been configured for use and because your Google account works as a Play Store account you will also be logged into the Play Store.

Method 2: Through the Play Store

  1. Open your device and click on the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the image of your Profile or your first.
  3. The next move is to click on the down arrow under your current email.
  4. Go to Settings, select Add another account > Google and sign in on the new device, your Gmail account.

Switching between multiple accounts on Google Play.

Managing multiple accounts in Google Play is hassle-free:

  1. Go to the Google Play store on your phone.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture or initial below your email address.
  3. There you will see either your original account or device or your new one. Just click on the one that you wish to choose.

Steps in Adding a Payment Method in Google Play.

However, the majority of apps on the Play Store come at no cost, but their paid versions have fun perks for a fee.To access these premium features, you’ll need to add a payment method to your Google Play account:

  1. To begin with, open your Google Play application.
  2. Press on the picture of your profile, or initials in order to launch the menu.
  3. Select Payments & subscriptions.
  4. On the next menu, tap Payment methods.
  5. You can either upload a credit or debit card, link your PayPal account, enter play credits code to be redeemed or buy Google Play credit. Although the services available would differ depending on the particular vendor, your options will most likely include Netbanking services, credit/debit cards, UPI, and redeemable codes.
  6. Choose the preferred payment mode, enter the required details into the system, and proceed to add it to your Google play account.

Multi-screen playback of Google Play.

One way of enhancing your digital experience is by adding a device to Google play. You can seamlessly control different devices, change user accounts and enjoy premium services. Hence make sure you add your new smartphone or tablet on google play today and start downloading some interesting apps and games to have fun everywhere on any one of your gadgets.


The benefits of adding a device on Google play, how to do it and tips on managing and even adding a payment method have been comprehensively highlighted here. In order to get the fullest use of the Google play store all you need is to follow the instructions below which will help you to explore new Apps or Games and Premium features in more than one device. Get going now and have a lot of fun using Android powered by Google Play!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023
Best Guide: How to Add More Devices on Google Play 2023

They should give you helpful tips on how to add a device in the google play, multiple account controls, and having smooth digital experience over android devices. In case there are other questions in need of clarifications or problems arise, do not hesitate to contact Google’s official support channels or online community forums.

Q1: Why will you add a device to google play?

Ans: With one click of a button, you are also able to install apps, games and other content on several devices using Google play. This makes it easy to ensure that there’s continuity for your digital experience between your Android devices.

Q2: Are there restrictions on which devices can be added to Google Play?

Ans: Generally, any Android device can be a member of Google play. However, one is advised to use the service for personal and family use in device management. Although you won’t have a hard limit on the number of devices, try not to go overboard with the number as this would adversely affect user experience.

Q3: Does one need a Gmail account to add a device to Google play?

Ans: Yes, you need a Gmail account to attach a device to Google Play. Access to Play store is made possible through the use of your google account, which serves as a link to your gmail.

Q4: Can I use numerous Google play accounts on one gadget?

Ans: To change from one to another Google Play account on a single gadget, turn open your Play Store, tap on your profile image as after that click the needed one among them. Thanks to this, you will be able to use various applications related to numerous Gmail profiles.

Q5: Can I be able to add multiple Google accounts in the Google Play app?

Ans: You are not limited at any point by the number of Google accounts you attach to your Google Play app. Several accounts help in managing apps and content efficiently.

Q6: Is it possible for me to delete something from Google Play when I no longer want to use it?

Ans: Yes, you are able to unlink a device to your Google Play account. To do this, go to google settings under “manage device” and select the one that should be removed. It can assist, if you want your data to be disassociated from your account.

Q7: What is the process of adding a payment option on google play?

Ans: Open Google Play app, touch your profile picture, go to “payments & subscriptions” and click on „payment methods“. There you have an option to add another payment source as a credit/debit card, PayPal or a redemption code for Google Play balance.

Q8: Is it safe to add payment details on Google Play?

Ans: It is usually safe to add a payment method in Google Play, because Google has strong safety controls. Make sure you employ safe payment methods, do not expose your payment info to unreliable parties, and maintain a high degree of security on your device.

Q9: Do all the additive devices download the app that I download in one automatically?

Ans: If you add an app that you have previously installed using your Google account, it might not be necessary for the app to re-install on all those other devices. For the devices to have access to the shared account, you will need to manually install the apps through the google play store using the google account.

Q10: How can I enrol into a play store without a SIM card?

Ans: Yes as setting a phone number is optional while configuring a new device in google play. As an option, you may not include your phone number at this stage of setup, but instead do it later.

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