How to Recover Photos from iPhone to Android | Best Guide 2023

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

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How to Recover Photos from iPhone to Android

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, Switching from an old iphone to an android, (the most popular mobile system in the world) , you would love to have all of your data with you including photo libraries that contain so many cherished memories.

We’ve been through several of these methods and ranked each according to its effectiveness in order to come up with this article that will guide you on how to send photographs from your iPhone to an android gadget. How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android

1. Using specific manufacturer apps to transfer from iPhone to android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and Huawei have created different Android devices in diverse shapes and sizes. A lot of these vendors come in with the apps built specifically for the device, which enable the customer to share information across the two gadgets. Bear in mind that some of these apps will only function during the configuration stage of the Android device, hence some pieces of information will only be transferred once you start using your device for the first time.

Make sure that if you are using a manufacturer app, this app should be able to transmit from your iPhone photos and other data which you wish to move over.

We recommend that you use TouchCopy so as to safely copy all your iPhone content on your computer. Let’s take a look at a couple of manufacturer transfer apps below:

Samsung Smart Switch

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, Samsung has the ‘Smart Switch’ app that one can use to simply transfer content from his old phone to a new Samsung Galaxy (only works with Samsung galaxy devices, smart switch is normally downloaded after purchase in most latest galaxy models).

Transferring data from iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy through USB cable or Air Sharing is possible with the help of Smart Switch option. It will be left for you to decide whether to move all the material, for instance pictures, videos as audio, messages and so on.

For more details on transferring data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy via Smart Switch, visit the Samsung website.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from iPhone to android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Huawei Phone Clone

The Huawei Phone Clone by Huawei is also applicable if you are switching from iPhone to a Huawei phone.

Similarly on How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, this app is pretty much similar to the smart switch above but it only supports one to Wi-Fi connection. More so, this method necessitates one to install Phone Clone apps in their iPhones as well as in their Huawei Android phones.

The Phone Clone transfers only contacts, photos, videos, calendar among others from iPhone to huawei. Therefore, one should also back up all of his/her contents on the iPhone for safekeeping in order to keep them.

You may also permit the setup to limit access to only selected photos to be transferred via phone clone within the app.

This is a good method of transferring photos because it does not overwrite any existing pictures on the Huawei device.

Using the Huawei Phone clone, transfer data from iPhone to android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Summary (Manufacturer apps):

✔ Free of charge and easy migration of data.

✔ Multiple connection methods

✔ Supports numerous content types

✔ Fast & Efficient

✘ In particular, it cannot choose or copy a few particular files.

2. A smarter way of transferring iPhone photos and many more to a PC.

We suggest using TouchCopy for more direct and precise control of exactly which photos will be transferred. You have the option of viewing the photos on your iPhone through a computer where you may decide to transfer them all at once, or select specific ones for the transfer!

TouchCopy is an excellent software that grants easy access to your iPhone contents through your personal computers. After that, choose whatever iPhone content you want on your computer so that it is easily accessible. Not only does TouchCopy save Photos, it also saves Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, Music and so on.

Alternative methods of transferring photos from phone to computer have been tested so you can copy photos from iPhone or Android to your computer.

Let’s take a look at how to save iPhone photos to computer using TouchCopy:

  1. Install TouchCopy on your PC or Mac and download it.
  2. Connect your USB cable to your computer and launch TouchCopy on it.
  3. Tap “Select” under the Photos icon to see all images in your iPhone.
  4. Select the pictures you would like stored in your computer. You can click on multiple images for selection while holding the “ctrl” key on a PC or choosing “cmd” on a Mac. Press CTRL + A for PC and COMMAND + A for MAC in order to select all photos.
  5. Select “save to PC” or “copy to Mac”.
  6. Specify where you would like to save the desired photos and click “Save”.
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Photos transfer from iPhone to PC by means of TouchCopy.

Download TouchCopy Free Demo

Transferring photos from computer to Android:

If you want to, you may transfer these photos to your computer first and then move them on your android phone.

Navigate to your Windows PC’s file explorer to retrieve your iPhone photos that you have stored. Right click on every picture and Copy them. Connect your Android device and find it on File Explorer afterward. Navigate to your photo directory (which may be different depending on which device it is in; normally this is Media/Images/DCIM). Then, you right click the image and paste it on the Android folder!

This contrasts with Mac where one must utilise the free Android file transfer software for his or her Android device. As mentioned earlier, you will easily connect the device and access the files just as it was demonstrated above when using File Explorer.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Moving images from Mac to Android using ‘Android File Transfer’.

Summary (TouchCopy):

✔ iPhone to PC/Mac transfer.

✔ Apple iExplorer – all-in-one iOS file management.

✔ Supports numerous content types

✔ Fast & Efficient

✔ Free demo available

✔ Convenient for regular transfers

3. Drag and drop photographs via USB cables and your PC.

Drag and drop can probably be termed as one of the oldest and mostly-used methods for moving information from one location to another.

Connect USB cables of your phone as well as your android device into your PC for a direct transfer. Go to file explorer and then choose internal storage> DCIM.

You pick the specific photos you want on this tab and move them over to a second File Explorer screen that contains the folder which stores your Android images.

However, others face problems using this drag and drop technique. In case of any difficulty, move your iPhone photos to Desktop before initiating transfer to Android. You can also opt for using the TouchCopy program since it is a better way of transferring images and more from iPhone to the computer.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Transferring photos From iPhone to Android On pc.

Summary (Drag and Drop):

✔ USB wired transfer

✔ Computer required

✔ Quick & Easy

✔ Free

✘ Unreliable for some

4. Using cloud services, share your photos between iPhone and Android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, Another option might be to use cloud-based technology for more contemporary data transfers. With many clouds out there, this is one of the best ways of retrieving your documents even when far away from home.

This means that if you have no idea what it entails, you are placing your files in a server where you browse the internet and connect. You might want to consider saving it in this way as it will not take up storage space on your device. But if you go beyond what is offered by a free Cloud service, you will be asked to subscribe for additional storage.

Look into how to move pics from iPhone to Android making use of several common cloud options (Google Photos, Google One, Google Drive, iCloud).

Google Photos:

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, When making the switch from iPhone to Android, the Google ecosystem should be your go-to in order to get familiar with common applications that are already installed on the devices one buys. This guide will discuss three Google cloud platforms and how they are good or bad at photo transfers.

You’ll receive 15GB free storage which is shared by this software with the option of paying for additional spaces.

Using Google Photos is the best option if you only need to move all your pictures from iPhone to Android and you don’t want to transfer any other kind of content. Syncing your entire iPhone photo library in the cloud will be done once you configure Google Pages. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Install a free Google Photos App in an open App store of your iPhone.

2. Open google photos and sign in to Google with the same password you will use for android.

3. Click on the picture/ initial at the right-top corner of your screen.

4. Click on ‘Google Photos settings’, then activate ‘backup & sync’ from ‘Backup and Sync’.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

5. The photos in your phone will start uploading into Google Photos.

6. After it’s done uploading, get your Android then and launch your Google photos app to see it’s there.

7. Touch a photo, go to the three-dot menu, and click “Download” if you need to save photos directly to an Android device.

4. using google one switch from iPhone to Android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, A better alternative to that Google photos above when aiming at comprehensive changeover from iPhone to a new android.

With the ‘Google One’ ecosystem of google, backing up of photos and videos along with contacts and calendars is easy and these files will be available on your new android device.

Don’t lose your other data! Use TouchCopy to save such content as Music, Messages, Call History, Notes, and much other content.

  1. Download the Google One app for iPhone from the Apple store.

2. Click on Google One and then log onto your Google account.

3. Tap ‘Set up data backup‘.

4. Choose what of your apple data should be backed up to google then click “Backup up now”.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

5. After backing up, make sure you are logged in the same Google account in your android device. The contents from the iPhone will then appear in your corresponding android applications like photos, contacts, calendar etc.

Google Drive:

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, The one google app that allows you to have the highest possible degree of control about precisely what you upload into your cloud area is Google Drive. Despite that its uploads can be quite slow in selecting many photos at a time and is no match against its competitors like google photos and one which uploads all libraries of photos with a single click.

Also, remember that it is up to you if you want to transfer those photos into your android photo gallery or leave it in google drive.

  1. Download the Google Drive app for iPhone for free from the Apple store.

2. Log in with your Google username and password to access the app.

3. Optional: To save all your new pictures in one place, just tap ‘+’ and add a new album. After that, click on your folder under the Files option at the footer of the page.

4. Select ‘+’ button and then choose ‘Upload > Photos and videos.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

5. You can decide to let everyone see all of your photos or just some.

6. Click ‘Upload’ and choose the pictures to be transferred from the iPhone to Android.

7. When it’s done, open your Android phone’s Google Drive.

8. Enjoy direct access to all of your new pictures on Google Drive! To download these pictures onto your Android cellphone, long press a single photo to enter the selection mode and tap on other images until the desired ones are highlighted.

9. Press the 3-dots menu and select download once you are pleased with your choice.

10. The obtained photos will be stored in your device’s Downloads folder under your Android. Simply move these pictures into your Android file manager if your preferred photo-viewing app does not display them automatically.


How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, This is probably the best thing if you like iCloud or already save your photo files in iCloud. The iCloud application won’t download on android, but I am happy to inform you that by simply using any internet browser found on an android device, one can easily log into their iCloud account as well as directly access iCloud’s storage. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In case you did not use iCloud account and synced iPhone photos with it, on an iPhone go to Settings > your name > iCloud > Photos > switch on “Sync this iPhone”.
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

2. When everything is over, iCloud will upload your photos with its best quality and resolution.

3. Therefore, open up Google Chrome on your android device.

4. Log in to using your iPhone logon credentials.

5. You can then go to the Photos section and see all of your synchronised photos from the iPhone.

6. For this reason, click on ‘Select’ and choose either ‘Select all’ or specific images if you would like to transfer them to your Android cellphone.

7. Click on More (the three dots), and choose ‘Download’.

8. Your Android device’s downloaded images will go into the Downloads folder.


You can achieve all these by using a lot of other available cloud services. There are also some popular ones, like OneDrive and Dropbox.

You may employ it about as similarly as using Google or iCloud for example, if you want to use such a platform. Just download the suitable application for the iPhone and android, upload images of an iPhone, go to your computer through an Android.

Summary (Cloud services):

✔ Wireless sharing

✔ No computer required

✔ Recommended: Wi-Fi internet connection is highly required.

✔ This is free unless you need more cloud storage.

✔ Automatic syncing between devices

5. Sharing of photos with iPhones and Android through Message or Mail.

Notably, you may also transfer photos through messages to other devices or contacts. However, when you send photos as an ordinary MMS message, they aren’t included in your mobile phone plan and can cost you on average. Nevertheless, you can send pictures for no cost utilising programs such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that transmit information through a net connection.

Sending messages in this way is limited twofold: However, you will only be allowed to send a few photos at a time. It looks like the iPhone is sending blurred images to the Android. These are just a result of reducing message files sizes.

This means that you can also mail pictures meant for yourself or any other contact through email. Sending an entire album or two would be much easier compared with a picture at a time through texts. However, some emails have limits based upon the e-mail client. For instance, while sending one mail through Gmail not exceeding 25 MB can be put as an example.

Despite all these shortcomings, this is an incredibly fast and simple way to transmit just several images.

Summary (Messaging or Email):

✔ Quick and Easy

✔ With or without Computer.

✘ Attachment limits

✘ Potential unwanted image compression


How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android, There are various means to shift images from iPhone to android as you may observe. This guide has therefore, selected the best ones for you, so that you can decide on the best way to address your needs. For example…

  • Make sure the android contains an app that helps you migrate your pictures and information from your iPhone to the new phone.
  • To get full command over your content on an iPhone and also for smart photo export using TouchCopy, you have to transfer files from iPhone to PC or Mac.
  • Where do all the photos go? Store them in the cloud if you don’t have a computer around or want not to keep them all there. As such, you may upload your photos into the internet and use your Google account so as to allow access to them on any device.

If there are any unanswered questions for you, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions below.

FAQs on How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android.

How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023
How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android | Best Guide 2023

Here are some FAQs regarding How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android. Thanks for reading How to Recover Photos from iphone to Android article!

Q1: Is it possible to send photos from iPhone to Android using Bluetooth?

No, it is impossible to transfer pictures from iPhone into android via Bluetooth.

However, while the two iPhones and android can easily utilise Blued tooth, the issue arises when one wants to transfer files from iphone to android since the process may be hard and expensive without appropriate software.

Q2: Can one AirDrop to Android?

Note that this function is exclusively limited to Apple AirDrop which is applicable on certain Apple iOS devices, and by no means for android products. Nonetheless, an app called AirDroid can transmit files, even pictures, on wireless mode just as AirDrop does. Download the AirDroid app first on the iPhone from the App Store and later on your own Android phone via the Google Play Store.

Q3: What makes my iPad send blurry photos to Android devices?

This is as a result of the initial photos being compressed from the iPhone. The provider may impose limits on file sizes, and as such, photos transmitted via SMS would necessarily get automatically compressed. In other instances, however, such as when saving photos for storage purposes in your cloud, some cloud services save them in low resolution or quality based on your settings.

Q4: Is it possible to send photos from an iPhone to an Android phone via Bluetooth?

It is, however, incorrect to use Bluetooth as a means of photo transfer from iPhones to Android phones. Therefore, alternative methods such as apps or cloud services are advised.

Q5: Can I copy all photos from iPhone to Android easily?

Yes, one can easily transfer their entire photos from one device using some common cloud services such as Google Photos and Google drive.

Q6: Is it possible to use cloud services for photo transfer?

Cloud services are convenient but there may not be sufficient space for storage which will require an upgrade in case.

Q7: Is it possible to move Live Photos from iPhone to Android?

However, it depends on the procedure chosen while using it. For example, Google Photos allows live photos which facilitate transfers with ease.

Q8: How can one move several photos instantly?

In case you need to move multiple photos at once, it’s better to use a usb connection and just drag photos onto your Android device.

Q9: Will the transfer leave good pictures?

Most of the time, moving photos to cloud services, such as Google Photos or Google Drive preserves the photo’s original quality while making the photo transfer of high quality as well.

Q10: Do you have good recommendations of third party apps used in photo transfer?

Such third party applications as AirDroid or Send Anywhere are considered to be the most widespread solutions for how to wirelessly transfer photos from iphone to android.

Q11: Transferring photos from an old iPhone to a new android phone?

Yes, some manufacturer applications e.g. Samsung Smart Switch and Huawei Phone Clone also enable users to select specific information they want to send over.

Q12: In case of anything that goes wrong, what should I do?

For a better and safer photo transfer experience, you may consider using the TouchCopy program instead if having problems with drag-and-drop.

Q13: What measures should I take towards privacy in case of an image transfer?

It is important also to secure your accounts when working on cloud services and apps especially during the transfer to preserve your privacy.

Q14: Is it possible to move pictures from iphone to android without a pc?

Yes, there are some techniques like cloud services, manufacturer’s apps, message or email transfers that do not require a computer for sharing photos.

Q15: Do cloud services have a cost for photo transfer?

In most cases, cloud services provide for free storage of data within a defined space. If users exceed the amount of free storage provided, they might be required to pay for extra storage.

Q16: What is the best way of arranging moved images on my Android gadget?

Once you have transferred pictures, sort them using an android file explorer and create an album for a proper photo library.

Q17: Is it possible to send photos from an iPhone to more than one android device at a time ?

Others need individual transfers to every Android device, whereas some can allow simultaneous access through cloud service.

Q18: What is the best time for photo transfer while setting up a new Android device?

It is recommended to move pictures during the first installation of this Android device so as to ensure smooth transmission and prevent loss of information.

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