HRMS Globex – Your HR management solution with customizable features in 2024

HRMS Globex – Your HR management solution with customizable features in 2024

HRMS Globex, Having one system called HRMS Globex, Workers can attend their reports simply and get the necessary information without being confused. Only follow this link HRMS Globex, where you can get complete information such as detailed features of it, simple login guide and final section on advantages and disadvantages.


HRMS of Globex is an Human Resource Management System that is meant to make the tasks and related processes have an effortless and hassle-free flow. It implicates the use of the software by companies of all sizes on both domains running with HR services such as managing the employee information, pay slip, benefits, performance evaluations, and other services.

Features of HRMS GLOBEX

On the top of the list of Globex skills is its capability to manipulate ES-related data which is one of its key features. Among others, this consists of keeping and renovating data including contact details, career roles, work experience and certifications, to mention but a few.

In addition to that, Globex can serve as a platform for time and leave management to respectfully track employee attendance, vacation time, and other leave requests.

Another major feature of HRMS Globex implementing its payroll management abilities as well The system is dedicated to regular processing of payrolls, paying taxes, and making out pay stubs for employees. It also has a health-care deductions tracking function that also lets the employer know about the medical premiums being deducted. It also has a healthcare deductions tracking function.

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) usually have different functions to support automation of the HR tasks and core procedures. Certain prominent characteristics are such as:

  • HRMS direction addressed by silver: Services, features and app development.
  • The HRMS Odisha or HRMS Login gaining access to the ESS (Employee Self Service) of HRMS.
  • E-Hrms is a modern TSP portal dedicated only to Telangana Police employees.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS): Provides employees with an option to view and change personal information, download pay stubs or time sheets, request for leaves of absence, and more.
  • Recruiting and onboarding: The Tools used to guarantee the recruitment and hiring process that include job postings, candidate tracking, and employee paperwork.
  • Benefits administration: Get employees to choose as well as modify their benefits, view the amount of funds they have left for a single coverage type and take time off.
  • Time and attendance: Give employees an opportunity to demand for the leave, check their biblical version, and update the working hours on the records.
  • Payroll and compensation: Supervise payroll processing and income tax administration, also there is a need for monitoring employee wages and performance records.
  • Performance management: It allows managers to monitor performance and reward good results, while at the same time supplying workers with encouragement. It is a great tool in the manager’s tool belt that can be used when a manager considers that some performance factors need to be monitored.
  • Learning and development: Permits the staff members to learn work associated with the training resource and helps them in keeping track of the progress.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Allows users get in realtime mode decision making and to monitor the performance of the most important HR indicators.
  • Mobile and Integrations: Some of the tools in the HRM are mobile friendly and compatible with other applications and softwares like calendar, mail and so on.

HRMS Globex Login


The essence of this step is that each company or organization will have a respective portal with all parts of the HRMS applied within their official website, which can be accessed by logging in.

  1. Open login page through any web browser at the main website of HRMS globex or open one of these links
  2. Provide username and password
  3. Proceed by choosing the Login choice which will take you to the next step.
  4. In the event that your login info of email or password is lost, reset function is available for you.
  5. Just search the website for the provision of re-creating the password and click on it of course!
  6. Provide Employee ID
  8. Firstly, by inputting your employee number you will be able to open a new password window.

Benefits of HRMS GLOBEX

Along with this opens the ways for a benefits management feature as well. That is how HR officials take care of employee benefits including health insurance, annuities, or any other perks. Mainly, this module is responsible for the direct enrollment of employees and further keeping track of their benefits.

An employee’s performance appraisal is one of the most significant elements in human resource management. HRMS Globex which has a performance management module, is focused on the part of employees’ supervisors who are responsible for setting goals, tracking progress and evaluating employee performance.

It can be a helpful tool for discovering employee talent so it can be used in the right position , as well as for marking out the area where improvement is needed.

It adjusts to the employee training and the ability to follow their development. It could also be used to document the training and development programs that each staff has taken, and what additional opportunities there are for further skill development.

Furthermore, the HRMS Globex possesses HRamong these basic HR functions, the HRMS Globex also provides different tools and functionalities. Let’s say an ATS (or applicant tracking system) which would help the organization to advertise job openings and collect the resumes as well as the information on the candidates. This part exhorts a compliance module that enables monitoring and control of compliance with different laws or rules and regulations.

Often the best known, it can appear as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which implies that it is hosted on the cloud and therefore can be accessed by users through the internet. This gives a user access to the cloud by reducing the work of handling issues like scalability and it also makes possible constant software updates and data backups.

HRMS Globex is an all-in-one powerful system that can support the HR departments in making HR decisions faster and easier by reducing time-consuming tasks and increasing efficiency. Having such a tool available to them which can manage employees’ data, payroll, profit sharing, performance assessments and many others, the HR department can become a very efficient and productive one.

Security of HRMS GLOBEX

The HRMS security vulnerability is therefore based on the software and hardware used, the access level barrier in place, and the policies, and procedures in which the system is being managed. By and large, a HRMS that is based on servers with security and a role-based and encryption facilitated access management is deemed more safe.

Moreover, we have recommended periodic software upgrades and put into practice security best practices that will help to provide the protection of employee sensitive information from unauthorized entry.

Disadvantages of HRMS GLOBEX

Disadvantages of HRMS GLOBEX

There are quite a few disadvantages of using HRMS system, such as:

  • High cost: Although the initial outlay for acquiring and running an HRMS system can be expensive, particularly for SMEs, the benefits far outweigh the costs.
  • Complexity: One of the drawbacks of the HRMS system may be its complexity and thus, requires a training program to be efficient in usage for employees.
  • Dependence on technology: In case of a technical failure or general failure of the system its HR processes may be disturbed and affect the company in a negative way.
  • Lack of flexibility: Some of the systems will reject organized HR practices, but they will still be working.
  • Data security concerns: Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) collects data on personal information of employees, thus if the system is not secured properly, the data may face the possibility of breaches.
  • Resistance to change: The workers can be lax in their adoption of a new system and procrastinate using the old manual way.
  • Limited reporting and analysis capabilities: Others may already have the lesser functions of reporting and analyzing their metrics with the old tech so it would be harder for your system to stand out with newer technology.


HRMS Globex is a complete HR solution which brings employee data together, automates HR processes and offers versatile analytics. It makes for the decision-making, raises employee morale, and produces efficient workforce management. Its capabilities comprise hiring, management, payment, absence, and performance management. This translates to a very effective tool CVS pharmacy management can leverage to streamline their HR operations and improve overall efficiency. It is a fairly highly ranking HRMS because of its modern and extensive functions.


Q1: Could the HRMS do the payroll procedures?

Indeed, quite a number of the HRMS software solutions have a payroll function which is capable of surpassing the barriers by working out taxes, issuing the pay stub and recording employee deductions.

Q2: Can HRMS software help in tracking employee training and development?

It is true most HRSS software systems have a training and development module built -in to it and are able to track the training and development programs an employee has completed for easier identification of developmental opportunities.

Q3: Does HRMS software work together with other outcomes?

Therefore, some HRMS software has an ability to link with accounting software, time and attendance systems, among others, and serve for data sharing or process automation.

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