iPhone 16 Latest Leaks: Release Date, Price Predictions, and More

iPhone 16 Latest Leaks: Release Date, Price Predictions, and More

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The leak has begun already on the iPhone 16 line, which will come only around late fall 2024.

In September 2023, Apple introduced the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 pro, and iPhone 15 pro max. As such, even though we will be close to nine months away from 2024, we already know some

Our complete guide to all the latest news, rumours and predictions regarding iPhone 16. In a few months, we’ll be doing updates on this article hence you should visit this site for the fresh news of iPhone 16.

Latest Leaks

iPhone 16 Latest Leaks: Release Date, Price Predictions, and More
  • Serious chip upgrade expected for Phone 16.
  • Many specs of the iPhone 16 series are included in the predictions.
  • Other rumours suggest that the two large iPhones may have bigger displays.
  • A canned iPhone 15 Pro feature might be revived by the Phone.
  • The most advanced feature of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to be featured in the 16 Pro.
  • Brightest screens and longer-lasting batteries for the Phone.
  • Rumour has it that the 48MP ultra-wide camera is destined on its way to Apple’s most beloved smartphone.
  • For some time, Samsung’s camera has been a problem for Apple’s iPhone.
  • Allegedly,16 Pro to utilise a new aspect ratio.
  • However, the Phone could use one key design element that belongs to iPhone 12.

iPhone 16 Release Date Speculation

Could be launched as early as the first six months of September, in 2024.

This will most likely push the shipping date of about a week.

It goes without saying, but since Apple has only just released the iPhone 15 line, we can’t know exactly when the iPhone 16 line will arrive. That said, we can make some predictions based on past Apple events.

If the company sticks to tradition, we expect Apple to announce the release date for the Phone at the 2024 edition of its annual September launch event. We’re unlikely to learn the actual date of that event until sometime in August 2024, however, we can use the dates of past Apple events to predict when next year’s Apple event might take place, and therefore when the iPhone 16 could hit shelves.

Apple generally picks the first or second week of September for its annual iPhone launches, usually opting for a Tuesday, occasionally a Wednesday. The 2023 (iPhone 15) edition of Apple’s September event fell on September 12, with all four iPhone 15 models going on sale just over a week later, on September 15.

That means September 3 or 10 are quite likely launch days for the Phone in 2024 (both dates are Tuesdays), though September 4 and 11 are possibilities, too. As with the iPhone 15, the iPhone 16 will probably begin shipping a week after pre-orders go live.

Price Predictions

The iPhone 15 starts at $799 / £799 / AU$1,499.

iPhone 15 pricing could hint at iPhone 16 pricing.

Apple’s cheapest iPhone 15 model, the standard iPhone 15, starts at $799 / £799 / AU$1,499, while its most expensive, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, starts at $1,199 / £1,399 / AU$2,099.

iPhone 16 Latest Leaks: Release Date, Price Predictions, and More

These figures could be mimicked by the iPhone 16 line, however, some analysts predict that the Phone 16 could actually be cheaper than the iPhone 15. This is because Apple reportedly plans to switch the process it uses to manufacture iPhone chipsets at some point next year, which could impact iPhone prices for the end consumer.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Apple may debut its first Ultra-branded iPhone in 2024. Initially, rumours purported that an iPhone 15 Ultra would be replacing the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year, but that didn’t happen, and analysts now predict that an iPhone 16 Ultra will debut next year, instead.

It’s not yet clear whether this Ultra iPhone would arrive in addition to or instead of a Phone 16 Pro Max, but it is almost certain that Apple’s first Ultra iPhone will be the most expensive iPhone ever.

Possible Screen Sizes

When it comes to screen sizes, we’ve heard rumours that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max could be the biggest iPhones yet.

Specifically, serial Apple tipster Ross Young claims that the iPhone 16 Pro and Ultra (or iPhone 16 Pro Max, as it may be called) will boast 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch screens, respectively, with both phones getting a new 19.6:9 aspect ratio, too. This would make them the tallest and narrowest iPhones ever.

These 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch sizes have now been backed up by a second report, while a third leak similarly claims the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max screens will be 0.2 inches larger than their predecessors. For reference, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max use 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens, respectively, with every iPhone 15 model sporting an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

Design Rumors

We haven’t heard too many design rumours so far, but there are a handful of predictions already out in the wild.

The first refers to the arrangement of Face ID components on the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and South Korean outlet The Elec report that both phones will have their Face ID components hidden under the screen, similar to how many of the best Android phones now have under-display fingerprint scanners. This won’t completely eliminate the selfie camera cut-out – as the sensor itself will reportedly still be visible – but it could allow Apple to reduce its size down to a small punch-hole module.

The Elec claims that this design change will simply act as a stopgap for Apple, whose ultimate goal is to develop a completely uninterrupted, cut-out-less iPhone display.

The second iPhone 16 design rumour refers to the standard iPhone 16, exclusively. According to Twitter leaker @URedditor, the iPhone 16 will sport a vertical camera layout, rather than the diagonal setup used on every iPhone since the iPhone 13. “This will make the device instantly recognizable as the latest model” in 2024, @URedditor writes.

The third (and most interesting) iPhone 16 design rumour we’ve heard so far applies to every model in the lineup. According to sources familiar with the development of the iPhone 16 line, Apple’s next smartphones will feature an additional, capacitive button, known internally as the “Capture” button. The source gives no hint as to the purpose of this new button, but its name suggests that it could somehow relate to the iPhone 16’s camera functionality.

Camera Rumors

iPhone 16 Latest Leaks: Release Date, Price Predictions, and More

On the topic of cameras, the standard iPhone 16 could sport the same 48MP main and 12MP ultra-wide dual-sensor setup as the iPhone 15, and indeed early leaks suggest as much.

As usual, the more meaningful camera upgrades are likely destined for the iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max, and/or iPhone 16 Ultra. Indeed, the iPhone 16 Pro could be the first mid-sized iPhone with a periscope zoom lens – a feature that’s currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023.

We’ve heard this rumour a few times now, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming as recently as September 2023 that the iPhone 16 Pro will inherit the ‘tetraprism’ periscope camera technology used by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and analyst Jeff Pu saying the same about the iPhone 16 Pro in October.

Periscope cameras – which get their name from their similarity to the instrument used on submarines and other naval vessels – essentially allow the viewer to zoom to extreme lengths while maintaining image quality.

Indeed, the iPhone 16 Pro could be the first mid-sized iPhone with a periscope zoom lens – a feature that’s currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023.

Apple’s current iPhones are already among the best camera phones on the market, but this ‘super-telephoto’ periscope camera would represent a potentially game-changing upgrade for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x telephoto zoom camera sports a focal length of up to 120mm, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 10x telephoto zoom camera sports a focal length of 230mm.

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro models are rumoured to get a 48MP ultra-wide camera, too, which would mark a big improvement over the 12MP ultra-wide camera currently used by the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The ultra-wide setup on Apple’s current best iPhones isn’t bad, by any means – the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max take consistently bright and vibrant wide-angle photos. However, this rumoured 48MP ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 16 Pro should capture much more light, resulting in even more impressive low-light photos.

iPhone 16 Possible Features

We haven’t heard all that much about the processors set to be used in the iPhone 16 line – except that Apple plans to change its chipset manufacturing process in 2024 – but we can make some fairly assured predictions based on typical Apple behaviour.

Given that the standard iPhone 15 inherited the A16 Bionic chipset from the iPhone 14 Pro, and both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max got Apple’s shiny new A17 Pro chipset, we’re fairly confident that the standard iPhone 16 will inherit the A17 Pro from the iPhone 15 Pro, while the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max get an as yet unnamed A18 Pro/Bionic.

Naturally, these chipsets will inevitably bring superior performance and longevity to the iPhone 16 line, but Apple’s processors have become so efficient in recent years that these upgrades are likely to appear negligible when it comes to real-world use. In any case, leakers have indeed suggested that the entire iPhone 16 range will be kitted out with 3nm chips, so an A17 Pro (or similar) seems a formality for the standard iPhone 16, at this point.

For RAM, one leak suggests that all four iPhone 16 models will have 8GB. That would be an upgrade for the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, but no change for the Pro models.

However, the iPhone 16 Pro models might support Wi-Fi 7 and have a new 5G modem according to one leak, which would mean upgraded Wi-Fi and 5G speeds, which the standard iPhone 16 models wouldn’t be able to match.

On the battery front, we haven’t yet heard anything regarding the iPhone 16 line specifically, but since all four iPhone 15 models were rumoured to come with a new stacked battery design – of the sort used in electric vehicles – we’re confident that this technology will instead be making its way into Apple’s 2024 iPhones.

In theory, stacked batteries can be more tightly packaged and offer a higher energy density than current mobile batteries, so we expect the iPhone 16 series to offer battery life improvements over the iPhone 15 line.

The iPhone 16 will probably be just a formality as of 2024 when new EU regulations will become legally binding.

The iPhone 16 is also anticipated to leverage much influence of AI with partial Apple vision pro incorporation. So far, we have not listened much about any.

Lastly, the iPhone 16 Pro models can be supported by the Wi-Fi 7 standard that provides high speed, low latency and reliable connection.

This article is for information purposes by gossip and leaks. Specifications can change after release.


Therefore, finally, all things are set in preparation for the iPhone 16, as expected. The next generation of Apple’s flagship smartphone is expected to feature notable improvements and engage new characteristics considering that Apple has always delivered well when it comes to innovation. The future iPhone will include upgraded camera technology featuring periscope lenses and 48MP ultra-wide cameras. Besides, this will be enhanced by better chipsets such as A17 Pro or Bionic/A18 Pro.

Such rumours as “hidden Face ID” elements and strange “capture” button imply that the device still concentrates on users’ comfort and style by being compact yet stylish. Additionally, the prospect to have big screen sizes with new aspect proportions indicates a more realistic and sensational impression for consumers.

While at it, Apple is improving on performance while addressing sustainability issues and switching from legacy ports to USB-C. Its alleged Wi-Fi 7 support only guarantees better, faster internet for iPhone 16 users.

However it’s important to remember these are just rumours stemming from a leak of the project, not actual solid information. Specifications might differ when the iPhone 16 is released. Nonetheless, some of Apple’s fans remain curious about what opportunities iPhone 16 may offer.

Stay vigilant as it is most likely that Apple will share further information about the coveted iPhone 16 soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should be the launching date of the iPhone 16?

A: However, Apple hasn’t officially disclosed the launching date but according to traditions, The Phone will probably make an appearance in early September of this year.

Q2: How much may we anticipate that the price of the iPhone 16 will be?

A: Although pricing details are yet to be disclosed, we expect that the price tag of the Latest Phone may somewhat match that of the iPhone 15 models whose price was determined on the basis of different screen size and memory storage capacities.

Q3: What new camera changes can we expect on the iPhone16?

A: To this end, yes, the Latest Phone particularly the Pro models are expected to come with lots of enhancements in their camera features such as periscopes, 48MP ultra wide HD cameras among others, which are likely to improve videography and photography.

Q: Any new developments with regards to the iPhone batteries?

A: Although the specifics of it have remained unclear, some suggest improvements in battery life through utilisation of stacked battery designs.

Q: What does the “Capture” entail in the Phone 16?

A: Purpose of “capture” button is still unknown, but some ideas about that may link to cameras or the process which helps the user to perform photos or videos at better levels.

Q: Will the iPhone 16 be compatible with Wi-Fi 7?

A: Evidence has emerged showing that the Pro versions of the Phone 16 could be compatible with Wi-Fi 7, resulting in seamless high-speed wireless links.

Q: Are there details about the iPhone 15 chipset?

A: Unofficially, the basic Phone 16 should have a chipset A17 Pro, whereas the Pros might be more advanced with a processor A18 Pro/Bionic for better speed and economy.

Q: How big will the iPhone 16’s screen be?

A: Rumours have it that the iPhones 16Pro and 16ProMax models could sport bigger screens and possibly new aspect ratio. It is possible that the standard mode will keep the 6.1 inch screen size, which includes the screen’s dimensions.

Q: What are the variations of the design in the Latest Phone 16 compared to its precursors?

A: There could be some changes in the design like adding a new “Capture” button, maybe Face ID components will be hidden or the camera layout might change making the Latest Phone look distinctly different.

Q: Why is the switch to USB-C necessary for the Phone ?

A: New EU requirements drive transition to USB-C, providing users with more universal interface options.

The following responses refer to rumours and leaks concerning the upcoming iPhone 16, which are subject to change upon official release by Apple.

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