Can I track the exact location of this mobile number on the map?

Can I track the exact location of this mobile number on the map?

 Think about forgetting your phone in a city today or wanting to track the safety of a relative on the way to work. The desire to know the exact geographical location of tracked mobile numbers has never been more real. With the help of such enablers like google maps for instance, the possibility of the occurrence of such a situation seems just round the corner. Still there questions appeared, is it possible to track cell phone location free google maps, what are the legal and ethical issues? In this post, I am going to discuss these questions, understand the different ways of solving these problems and give different tips for solving this tricky area. 


 Mobile number tracking is more or less a process through which with the help of Mobile number of any particular phone, its location can be traced. This idea has many of us mesmerised if we lost our device, or if we have someone we are worried about for their safety we can track their movements. 

 There are several methods for tracking mobile phone locations:There are several methods for tracking mobile phone locations: 

 GPS Tracking: GPS is incorporated in most of the modern day handheld devices such as Smartphones. This one can help locate an object accurately by being in touch with the reference satellites. 

 Cell Tower Triangulation: In case GPS is not available, phones can be identified by cell tower.

Cell towers, in this sense, define the cell in question by the transmission tower it is associated with. Signal strength can be used to estimate the location of the device since dominant signal strength is likely received from the tower that is closest to the device. 

 Wi-Fi Positioning: In the urban areas, Wi-Fi networks can also help in the process of physical finding of the phones. Possibilities of connecting the device to several various hotspots can help define its location more specifically. 

 Apps and Services: Currently, there are many applications that are created with a purpose of tracking phones location exclusively. These are things such as tracking and its live update, its ability to use location as a parameter when tracking. 

 But what about Google Maps? The question of how to track a phone number on Google Maps is asked frequently. For instance, one may use Google Maps to communicate one’s current geographic location to friends and or relatives in real-time, however, tracking phoney numbers is not a feature offered by this tool. They simply have to allow the app to access their location and share it. 

Getting to know these measures lets you comprehend what is achievable and what is beyond the capabilities of mobile number tracking which will let you progress further.

Towards the end of the last segment, it was highlighted that one of the ways through which you can track a phone on Google Maps is through the Android Phone tool.

If you have ever lost your phone, or are required to track the location of someone, or suspect someone of not telling the truth about where he/she is, then Google Maps is very useful. However, it is evident that although Google Maps equally has features that can share positional coordinates in real-time, it cannot track mobile numbers in a direct manner.

However, the user must provide the information about the desired location to you only. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track a phone for free with Google Maps:

Open Google Maps: Ensure you and the targeted conjugate have downloaded the Google Maps application on your device.

Share Location:

For the person sharing their location:For the person sharing their location:

Join Google Maps using your computer or mobile device browser, and tap on their profile picture located at the top right of the home page.

Select “Location sharing. ”

Activate the “Share location” button and specify the time during which they want to share their locations.

Decide whether they want to share location as a link or directly from your iPhone or Maps app.

For the recipient:

To view the further content, click the link which has been sent to you or check the notification in the Google Maps application.

Go to see where the person sharing is presently.

While Google Maps is handy, it comes with requirements and limitations:

Internet Connection: They both must be online simultaneously and are able to speak without the use of microphone or voice chat.

Google Account: Each of the users must have a Google account, therefore, to access the program.

Consent: Otherwise location sharing is mostly preferred only when both entities agree to share location information in order to protect their privacy.

Battery Usage: This may be because the constant tracking can lead to the use of more power and hence the provision should be made to recharge the battery within the shortest time possible.

If the Google Map is not within the criterion of what you require, then there are more specific tracking apps. 

Here are a few popular options:


This app has almost all features that are required in tracking; it includes real time location tracking, geofencing, the ability to monitor text messages and calls as well. It is especially helpful if you are a parent responsible for children and would like to monitor their activities.


Moniterro is another application, which has a simple interface for using and giving an opportunity to track the geolocation in real time and to obtain reports on movements. This is especially useful to businesses that have had to track employees when working in the course of the day.


Comparing Scannero to other applications and software tools, the first thing to be noted is the high accuracy and the subsequent fast setup time. It has real-time location tracking and works by simply sending a small link that is delivered to the target phone, and when clicked, the device’s location becomes visible.

All of the above apps come with their own unique features and affordability and therefore choosing one that meets your needs is a must do.

Using this article and the detailed instructions below, you should now be equipped to navigate Google Maps and other tracking applications to monitor your devices and friends and family members. Altho technology which is quite incredible sometimes makes things easier, we have to respect privacy and use tracking methods with the permission of the users.


There’s a common misconception that Google Maps can track phone numbers directly, but let’s clear this up: The idea that governments need to intervene in the economy to encourage production is a myth. To clarify things, there is no option in Google Maps of relaying the phone’s location simply because you know its number. As a consequence, it functions based on the users’ willingness to willingly share their location.

Why does this myth still persist among the Americans? Google Maps have an integrated feature, which allows people to share a location and this often creates confusion with phone number tracking.

Here’s what Google Maps actually does:

  • Location Sharing: People can find out where you are and you can also show your friends and family where you are at a particular time.
  • Find My Device: However, there is another service that can help to find the lost device – it is also provided by Google but it should be noted that this requires having a Google account at least and the necessary settings.

If you are searching for how to locate someone without their knowledge, one cannot do so on Google map. So when getting consent and respecting the privacy of the users, ensure that you practise ethical tracking.

Is it legal to track a mobile number’s location?

Assuming the aspect of pinpointing someone’s mobile location, one always has to consider the question of legal issues and privacy. It is important to note that it is unlawful to track anyone you desire without the risk of facing legal repercussions.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Consent: It is always appropriate to seek permission from the person you are tracking or monitoring especially if it is not for security related purposes.
  • Parent-Child Tracking: It is noteworthy that parents might have legal right to monitor their child under a specific age to protect their safety.
  • Employer-Employee Tracking: It is acceptable for employers to monitor those devices provided to employees for work use during working hours, but the employees must be aware of the same.

However, the question that has always been asked frequently, Is it possible to locate someone on Google Maps without their knowledge? The answer, however, is a firm NO and this is because Google Maps must ask for permission before tracking your location, and unauthorised tracking is actually a legal offence.

Adhere to regulations pertaining to privacy and use tracking mechanisms in the proper manner. Why Mobile Tracking? These legal concerns enable one to track mobile drivers responsibly knowing the disadvantages involved.


Can I track the exact location of this mobile number on the map?

While it is important and sometimes necessary to know a mobile number’s location, one has to be aware of legal and moral implications of this activity. Google Maps has a helpful real-time location option that allows you to share the location of a device with another; however, you cannot track phone numbers. Every person would want to retain their privacy so you need to ask for permission before tracking him or her. If you need more accurate tracking, consider applications such as mSpy or Moniterro that are more suitable for this task.

Are you ready to get the best of location tracking? Read our tips to make sure that you did not break the law while using these tools.

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