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Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Introduction to Samsung TV Keeps Switching Off and On

Samsung TV Keeps Switching Off and On, When Samsung TV shuts down several times that it happens regularly, it is bound to be annoying and to affect your viewing too. Luckily this issue is easily identifiable from the simplified troubleshooting steps in most cases, so you can resolve it on your own. Here, this article unpacks some of the usual suspects behind this problem and offers helpful remedies to have your television back to normal operation. So let’s start the “Samsung TV Keeps Switching Off and On” article!

Understanding Power Cycling Phenomenon:

There are several short changes in which the TV turns and turns off after a very short time.

  • The TV goes off and resets automatically.
  • The TV lights and goes off within a short time.
  • The TV shuts down and stays off until you turn it on by hand.

A number of reasons can lead to this problem.

1. Eco Solution Settings:

Samsung products include a feature by the name Eco Solution which is supposed to help spare energy by automatically switching off the TV if no activity has taken place after a period of time. Though ECO-friendly, it can be a hassle if you prefer to have your television set switched on.


Go to Settings > General > Eco Solution on your TV and turn off the Auto Power Off function.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

The Samsung TV Eco Solution Setting menu.

2. Sleep Timer:

Just like the Eco Solution, an unnoticed sleep timer may be activated sometimes, hence shutting off the TV on the set time.


Ensure that time sleep is disabled when you check the settings of your TV > General > System Manager > Time menu.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

3. Outdated Software:

Occasionally, old software may have problems, such as introducing bugs making glitches problems of different TV functions particularly the power management.


Keep your TV’s firmware regularly updated to its latest version. You can visit Settings > Support > Software Update menu of your TV to check for and install updates that are available.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

4. External Device Interference:

Technically, the interference may originate from connected TV devices such as set-top boxes, game consoles, or streaming sticks which could interfere with the power source, or send the wrong signals.


In order to test if the problem is only caused by the external devices, disconnect all external devices temporarily. When the problem goes away, connect the devices again, one by one, until the source of the problem is discovered.

5. Power Cord Issues:

If the power cord is damaged or rather faulty, the delivery of power to the TV becomes unstable which results in the shutdown and start of the appliance.


Make an inquiry to check whether the power cord has any damage or loose connection at both the TV end and outlet end. If you think it is a Power cord, replace it with a Samsung power cord.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Samsung TV power cord

6. Remote Control Malfunction:

In some cases, the condition may come from a remote control.


Another solution is using a soft cloth to clean the sensor as well as the buttons on your remote. Install new batteries to replace the old ones. If this issue persists, attempt manually pressuring the power button of the TV itself so that you can discard the possibility of a remote-related problem.

7. Internal Hardware Problems:

Although this is less frequent, hardware problems within telly could be an inquiry.


Finally, if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting procedures listed earlier and the issue remains, it’s recommended that you reach out to Samsung support so that they can assist you in resolving the problem or have it repaired.

Additional Tips on Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On:

Check Event Logs: A few case ‘memory-based purpose’ log records past events, including power cycles or power fluctuation, it is all external device interactions and having the event log Samsung tv. These logs can be analyzed to give insightful leads pertaining to the nature of the problem. Where your TV model may vary, the following location on settings will enable the retrieval of the event logs; Settings > Support > Service.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Reset to Factory Settings: If the solutions mentioned above, none applied, then, resetting the TV to factory settings may just do the trick. But do remember that this will wipe off every customized setting you might have and all the stored data. If you have already backed up any essential settings and data before performing this process, do continue with the process. The factory reset option is commonly located in Settings > General > Reset.

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On
Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Search Online Forums: There are several online communities and forums that are specifically for Samsung TVs. In this regard, modern web-based search, which includes terms such as Samsung TV keeps turning off and on, may find solutions suggested out of experience by other users and representatives of Samsung, as the latter may provide further info related to warranty and if it applies to particular models.


Your power cycling issue with the TV might have its particular root cause and is different as per the version of the TV, personal scenarios, and operation style.

But if you are not capable of tinkering with gadgets and electronics on your own or, even if you have followed all the simple steps, the problem is still winking at you, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung’s technical support. Thanks for reading “Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On” article!

Conclusion of Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Let the cycling of your Samsung TV power not hinder the pleasure that you derive from it. With this systematic approach to eliminating the most common plunderers and checking the troubleshooting tips introduced in this article, you will be able to identify and even solve the problem yourself.

However should you remember, first of all begin by using simple solutions such as checking settings, updating software or whatever seems applicable. If the situation calls for one, make use of online sources or seek help from a professional. Finally, you can free the viewing journey, settling for your Samsung TV.

The conclusion focuses on the main messages that were taken away without losing the essential professional, yet insightful feel. This detail setting may be changed to meet your own requirements as needed.

FAQs on Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to further address common queries related to Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On:

Q1: What are the common causes for a Samsung TV to turn off and on repeatedly?

The problems that we have come across in Eco Solution settings, out of date or corrupted software, set sleep timer, interference of any external device, unquiet power cord, unresponsive remote control and also the internal hardware issues in Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On.

Q2: When has this been an issue with Samsung TVs?

Adverse power cycling issues were observed among some Samsung TV models for years, and common reasons might be different for each model, as well as for different versions of setup software or firmware.

Q3: Does this issue have any trends or updates lately?

It is true that some users report higher incidence values of malfunctions after certain updates. The top priority would be always the Samsung support channels stay current.

Q4: Can this issue be solved by a shortcut? 

Valuable steps to solve many of the cases include checking Eco Solution settings, sleep timer, and software updates. 

Q5: Does rebooting a TV fix the power cycling problem?

It may be short-lived, but the issue lies in getting to the root of the matter, which involves fixing the product or service, otherwise known as troubleshooting.

Q6: Why Samsung TV keeps Switching Off and On ?

This would be either Eco Solution or a sleep timer activated.

Q7: Why does TV automatically switch on and off ?

Make sure that you check the power cord for any signs of damage and that it is tightly plugged in. Other possibilities are old software or internal hardware problems.

Q8: I watch TV through devices that stream. Are they causing the power cycling?

Yes, conflicting signals or power problems from other devices may be the criminals.

Q9: I only use streaming devices on my TV. Are they causing the power cycling?

Yes, interference from other devices caused by competition signals and power problems can be the attackers.

Q10: I fear that troubleshooting on my own may void my warranty?

Do not tone to any advanced troubleshooting other than the most basic ones, such as verifying the settings and updating software. If you are in doubt or if you are wary of any steps that are uncomfortable, kindly contact Samsung support.

Q11: Is there mortality risk from this issue?

The latter can be avoided if the power supply meets modern standards and fluctuations of the level of power supplied to consumers are not expected at the expense of temperature rise.

Q12: What is the Samsung software update effect on power cycling issues?

Take a close look at the active number samples found on support channels of Samsung monitors and user forums developed with your software version in order to have specific reports, as well as troubleshooting advice.

Q13: Are there any Samsung TVs class action lawsuits related to turning off and on?

Search for events on the Internet but be aware that only cases like the one with Apple on court are official ones; no information will be supplied by Samsung.

Q14: If this does not work, what are some other options?

If none of the efforts mentioned above is successful in solving the problem, contact Samsung support, seek authorized repair services, or consider upgrading your TV.

Q15: Are there any online communities or forums where I can talk about this?

Certainly, look for specialized Samsung TV communities or forums on the web, where sharing of experiences and acquiring solutions from other consumers and professionals is done.

Q16: What emerging technologies in TV that can help guard against power cycling problems?

Such achievements as applied to future models may include activities in power management, software optimization, and remote control protocols.

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